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Formed in 2015 Tāla Handpan’s is the craft work of Frome based instrument builder Daniel Comer. With an avid love for their rich harmonic resonant sound the handpan is loved by many and those that are lucky enough to experience hearing one, some 10 years on their amazing ambiance still has me mesmerised.  


From my workshop in Frome I offer any interested buyers the opportunity to play an instrument before purchasing. I also take on commission work, building a requested or favoured scale.


With so many happy customers enjoying their instruments around the world, Tāla Handpans is proud to share their work with one and all.

For any more information on commission work, our waiting list or any other questions, or to arrange a visit please feel free to contact us 

Matthew Crabb, Kent

I have just a bought my first handpan from Tāla Handpans, it's a E, Minor and sounds gorgeous as well as looks stunning, Dan is a lovely guy and very helpful and will answer any questions you have about his creations, he puts his heart and soul into his creations to create a crisp deep haunting sound that ticks all the right boxes, there is a lot a rubbish out there on the market, so when your wanting to buy your first handpan you know your buying quality from Tāla Handpans, so thank you Dan for help and guidance and for my lovely new instrument

Joe B, San Francisco 

This is the 3rd handpan I’ve owned from Tāla Handpans, I’ve had Daniel build me an E-pygmy, E-Kurd and my latest pan is an F-pygmy. All the pans sound wonderful they sing with every note I strike. The workmanship is amazing and beautiful, he's so much passion for his job. Daniel is the only maker I buy pans from these days.. Very quick and safe shipping to San Francisco

Mike T, Somerset

After being totally captivated by Handpans from the first day I heard one, I’m truly grateful Tāla Handpans was able to offer a solely bespoke service which far exceeded my expectations. I’ve had three Handpans so far, two from Tāla Handpans and I’m already contemplating my next instrument from Tāla, Dan Comer the maker has a genuine passion and interest pursuing instrumental perfection. With instruments as personal as Handpans, you need to feel part of the process, this is where Tāla Handpans differs from most other makers- in depth support from the maker start to finish, I’d whole heartedly recommend Tāla Handpans. A quality instrument at a fair price from a honest, genuine and passionate maker!

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